Order for Prevention and Control of the Omicron Variant, 2022 (ओमिक्रोन तेस्रो लहर रोकथाम तथा नियन्त्रण सम्बन्धी आदेश, २०७८)


This is an official statement by the government of Nepal regarding the prevention and control of Omicron on 16th Jan. 2022. The government imposed restrictions on various activities, including mass gatherings, dance bars, gyms, cinemas, and religious ceremonies, to curb the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant. The decision was made during the cabinet meeting held on Friday and will be effective until further notice. The government has also directed local authorities to strictly enforce the health and safety protocols and penalize those not adhering to the guidelines. Additionally, specific measures include limiting the operation of shops, stores, and markets to once a week, with a maximum of 25 people allowed inside at a time. Restaurants and eateries are permitted to operate but must follow strict safety measures. The government emphasized the need for vigilance and adherence to guidelines to prevent further spread of the virus. The decision aligns with the ongoing efforts to manage the impact of the Omicron variant and enforce public health and safety standards.


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