About Us


Disaster Preparedness Network-Nepal (DPNet), established in 1996, stands as a key national umbrella organization dedicated to enhancing disaster management in Nepal through a unified approach involving national and international agencies. The core focus of DPNet is on fostering coordination, collaboration, learning, and sharing of experiences in strengthening disaster management practices. The organization plays a crucial role in knowledge management, capacity building, policy advocacy, and in facilitating networking among government and relevant stakeholders. 

DPNet has a unique relationship with the Government of Nepal, particularly with the Ministry of Home Affairs, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) to serve as a bridge between governmental and non-governmental agencies in disaster management. As the Secretariat of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR), chaired by the Executive Chief of the NPDRR, DPNet-Nepal endeavors to convene DRR stakeholders on a common platform for more effective disaster preparedness and management across the country. 

DPNet contributions have been significant in advocating for the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, supporting the formulation of the subsequent vital polices likes  Disaster Risk Reduction National Policy 2018, Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Action Plan (2018-2030). With a growing membership of 141 institutional and life members, DPNet-Nepal has been facilitating among governmental and non-governmental institutions to build common consensus in the field of disaster management in Nepal.