Best Practices and Lessons Learnt, Flood Response 2020


This document provides information regarding the learning from the flood response in 2020. The ECHO, SCK, and CSF-funded emergency response aimed to provide immediate life-saving assistance, including Unconditional Cash Transfers, to flood-affected children and families. While it’s too early to fully assess the project's success, stakeholders confirmed that target households received the $50 cash and WASH support, helping them cover survival needs and keep children in school. The cash transfer, although initially slow, arrived at a crucial time when other aid was declining, filling a vital gap for beneficiaries. Save the Children's innovative digitalized cash transfer approach showed promise with an 88% success rate, offering valuable lessons for future efficiency and effectiveness. The WASH assistance, distributing kits, and rehabilitating boreholes, addressed community needs effectively. Delays hindered safe learning environment improvements, but strategic partnerships and collaboration enhanced project success and sustainability. The project demonstrated accountability through mechanisms, post-distribution monitoring, inclusive selection criteria, and humanitarian standards application. Overall, the interventions were highly relevant to flood-affected households, with digitalized cash transfer methods proving effective for scalable emergencies.




Save the Children

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