Manual for Earthquake Safe Building Construction


This document is a manual for Engineers on the construction of CSEB Green School Buildings in Nepal. It discusses earthquakes as a continuous natural phenomenon caused by volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, or man-made explosions. It emphasizes that earthquakes can occur globally but certain areas, like Nepal, are more susceptible. The primary impact is the shaking of buildings, and the importance of structural layout, quality of materials, and earthquake resistance features is highlighted. Nepal ranks 23rd globally in natural hazard-related deaths due to recurrent earthquakes. The manual underscores the need for appropriate planning, design, and technology to mitigate the effects and save lives. Seismic considerations, from soil conditions to building details, are crucial in constructing earthquake-resistant buildings. Overall, the message emphasizes the significance of proactive measures and innovative approaches in building design to enhance earthquake resilience.


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ActionAid, Center of Resilient Devt.

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