Assessment of Damages and Losses Caused by Climate Change in Nepal (नेपालमा जलवायु परिवर्तनले पार्ने क्षति तथा नोक्सानीको आंकलन)


This study, conducted in the Karnali River basin in Western Nepal, explores the economic and non-economic impacts of climate change on communities at high risk. It aims to identify how communities cope with and mitigate damages, assess the existing methods and approaches for post-disaster recovery, and determine the vulnerabilities and limitations in dealing with climate-related risks. The study investigates the effectiveness of existing strategies for climate adaptation and risk reduction, examining weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges at the local and national levels. Additionally, it explores the need for enhanced disaster preparedness, the adoption of climate-resilient practices, and the development of effective policies and institutional capacities for reducing climate-related risks in the region.




Practical Action Nepal

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