Installation of Display board at DEOC Kailali


This document is based on the installation of the Display board at DEOC Kailali. The main objective of the DEOC display board is to strengthen the Flood Early Warning System of Kailali District and reduce disaster losses. The specific objectives are as follows: Display real-time water level data of Karnali at Chisapani Station. Display real-time rainfall information from the Station at Bhaktapur, Nigali. Display the water level of Mohana at Malakheti. Automatically alert DEOC staff from security forces through a siren when the water level reaches warning or danger levels. Automatically send SMS alerts to CDO, LDO, District Police Chief, and NRCS president when the river levels of Karnali (Chisapani) and Mohana (Malakheti) reach warning or danger levels.




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