Position Paper of CSO's regarding the Acts for Organizations, 2019 (संघ संस्था सम्बन्धी ऐनका सम्बन्धमा नागरिक तथा सामाजिक संघसंस्थाहरुको आधारपत्र, २०७६)


The Constitution of Nepal 2072 guarantees the fundamental right to organize, particularly in Article 17, which recognizes the freedom to establish associations, emphasizing the right to form unions. Aligned with international standards, Nepal, in 1991, endorsed provisions related to civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, affirming individuals' freedom to form associations, including trade unions. The laws in Nepal aim to uphold human and fundamental rights, fostering an accessible legal environment for civic and social organizations, including unions, ensuring their effective operation. The state is urged to respect these organizations' freedom, streamline laws and policies, and minimize reliance on foreign assistance, promoting local engagement. The emphasis is on creating non-restrictive laws that facilitate and regulate, akin to presenting detailed subjects related to laws as an identity card for Nepali citizens and social organizations.


Position Paper

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