Guidelines for Celebrating Festivals, Processions, and Events in the Context of COVID-19, as per the Public Health Standards


"कोभिड १९ को सन्दर्भमा चाडपर्व, जात्रा तथा उत्सवहरू मनाउँदा पालना गर्नुपर्ने जनस्वास्थ्यका मापदण्ड, २०७७" is the Public Health standard endorsed by MoHP considering the COVID-19 scenario while celebrating feasts and festivals in Nepal. It has covered the aspect of standards to be fulfilled at an individual level. Considering the festivals, processions, and events, in the context of COVID-19, guidelines have been issued by the health perspective to celebrate them safely, keeping in mind the obligatory measures to protect public health. These standards were released to safeguard individuals at the household and community levels. These guidelines apply to all types of festivals, processions, and events and are aimed at ensuring the well-being of everyone. Nepal urges everyone to comply with these standards for their benefit.


Legal Document




Ministry of Health and Population in Nepal

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