The COVID-19 Crisis in Nepal: Coping Crackdown Challenges Key Initiatives and Measures to Move Forward


This study examines the impact of Nepal's COVID-19 lockdown, focusing on its effects on essential supplies, price hikes, and the vulnerability of certain populations. It aims to assess relief policy provisions, identify distribution mechanisms, highlight gaps and challenges, and provide recommendations. The study relies on a review of published documents and virtual interviews with key informants from provincial and local governments. The mechanisms explored include relief fund management, family selection, package development, a one-door policy, and adherence to legal provisions. The study addresses gaps and challenges, such as selection criteria, targeted approaches, procurement issues, and data management. The findings lead to recommendations for the three tiers of Nepal's government on improving relief management and sustaining best practices for the future.


Research Paper


Dr. Dhruba Gautam


NDRC Nepal

Published Year: