Public Procurement Act 2007


It is expedient to make legal provisions to make the procedures, processes, and decisions relating to public procurement much more open, transparent, objective, and reliable. The House of Representatives enacted this Act in the First Year of the issuance of the Proclamation of the House of Representatives, 2007 to ensure good governance by enhancing the managerial capacity of procurement of public entities in procuring or causing to be procured, construction work and procuring goods, consultancy services and other services by such entities and by ensuring the equal opportunity for producers, sellers, suppliers, construction entrepreneurs or service providers to participate in public procurement processes without any discrimination.

This act aims to improve transparency, fairness, and accountability in public procurement processes, ensuring efficient and rational use of public funds. It seeks to promote competition, honesty, and equal opportunities for all participants, and enhance the managerial capacity of public entities involved in procurement. The House of Representatives enacted this law in 2007 for these purposes.


Legal Document, Translated - Nepali to English




Government of Nepal

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