Climate Change Policy, 2019 (जलवायु परिवर्तन नियमावली, २०७६)


This document is an English version of the Climate Change Policy formulated in 2076 that seeks some alterations in the policy made in 2067 with the objective of improvising the environmental condition. Rapid increase in atmospheric temperature for the past few decades and climate-induced disasters like less precipitation, heavy precipitation and drought triggered by it have been causing adverse impacts on Nepal's Himalayan rangei and glaciers, and ecosystems dependent on them. Increased melting of snow has swollen the glacial lakes and put them at risk of outburst. The negative effects of climate change have been directly experienced in forest and biodiversity, energy, human health, tourism, habitation, infrastructure development as well as in the areas of livelihood, while there has been a huge loss of lives and property due to climateinduced disasters such as flood, landslide, and windstorm and wild fire every year. Against this backdrop, this National Climate Change Policy, 2019 has been introduced with the objective of providing policy guidance.


Legal Document, Translated - Nepali to English




Government of Nepal

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