Nurses and Disaster Risk Reduction, Response, and Recovery


This position statement tries to emphasize the role of nurses in disaster risk reduction, response, and recovery for communities around the world. Disasters, with their profound impact on individuals, communities, and economies, hinder progress toward sustainable development. Defined by the United Nations as events causing widespread losses beyond a community's coping capacity, disasters are intensified by factors like climate change, population growth, urbanization, and environmental degradation. Nurses, often underutilized, are crucial in disaster risk reduction, response, and recovery, contributing to the prevention and mitigation of risks. The vulnerabilities of communities, especially in developing nations, necessitate attention to disparities and the needs of specific groups. Nurses, with their expertise and understanding of community resources, play a vital role in coordinating efforts across sectors during all phases of disasters, addressing physical, mental health, and psychosocial challenges to enhance resilience and recovery.


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International Council of Nurses

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