Disaster Management: A Disaster Manager’s Handbook


This handbook emphasizes the continuous and comprehensive nature of modern disaster management as a crucial national requirement. In light of increasing environmental risks and their impact on economic development, the handbook highlights the importance of proactive disaster management rather than reactive responses to individual disasters. It aims to provide national officials responsible for disaster management with practical guidelines and advice in the form of a ready-reference handbook.

Drawing upon regional disaster management practices, the handbook addresses policy, planning, organizational, and operational aspects of disaster management. It is designed to meet the realistic needs of national disaster managers, offering guidance on various segments within the field. The handbook does not delve into highly specialized aspects but rather provides straightforward advice, options, and case references. Each chapter is designed to be self-contained, facilitating ease of use for disaster managers seeking relevant information to address their local needs. Overall, the handbook encourages the application of past experiences within the region and beyond to enhance effective disaster management practices.


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Asian Develoment Bank

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