Nepal Disaster Report 2019


The Nepal Disaster Report 2019 highlights the country's vulnerability to various hazards leading to frequent disasters, resulting in significant loss of life and economic damage. The geographical and climatic conditions, coupled with rapid and unplanned urbanization, environmental degradation, and inadequate understanding of disaster risk management, exacerbate the risk. The report covers events and activities from 2017-2018, detailing the impact of disasters, emphasizing hydro-meteorological events causing substantial damage during the monsoon. The total of 6,381 recorded disasters led to 968 fatalities, 3,639 injuries, and an estimated NPR 6.84 billion in property loss, with fire incidents comprising 94% of the total loss. The report also covers sectoral DRM initiatives, Nepal's participation in global forums, and its hosting of the DRR Regional Consultative Meeting with delegates from 18 countries.

The report recognizes the government's efforts and achievements, elaborating on outcomes related to the DRR Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030. It concludes by offering forward-looking recommendations derived from lessons learned during the period, emphasizing Nepal's priority actions on DRR as guidance for localizing policies and activities to build a resilient nation.


Report, Translated - Nepali to English



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