From Risk to Resilience: An Integrated Approach to Harmonize Climate Change and Disaster Risk Planning


This discussion note examines both the opportunities and challenges of harmonizing different frameworks and guidelines on climate change and disaster risk. It is intended to stimulate discussion on the need for a common framework of understanding. This discussion note explores the opportunities and challenges of harmonizing these frameworks, aiming to stimulate the need for a common understanding.

The findings indicate that the present political context offers both opportunities and challenges for integrating climate change and disaster risk into development policies and plans. While there is scope for integration, challenges arise when determining the appropriate timing, especially when new local governments are still establishing basic systems and learning planning processes. The note emphasizes the importance of integrating Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) by fostering a risk understanding approach. It suggests that helping governments comprehend risk and implement appropriate measures is crucial. The note underscores the significance of ownership, acceptability, and commitment from provincial and local governments, along with other stakeholders, to internalize the severity of risk and the urgency of response measures at the national and local levels.




Oxford Policy Management

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