Focused COVID-19 and Health Media Monitoring, Nepal (कोभिड १९ र स्वास्थ्य केन्द्रित मिडिया मोनिटरिङ, नेपाल)


This report is the Nepali version of “Focused COVID-19 and Health Media Monitoring, Nepal”. The report highlights the government's vaccination campaign for measles-rubella and typhoid in earthquake-affected areas. It discusses the categorization of ambulances in the National Ambulance Guideline, with a focus on 'A' and 'B' categories, neglecting 'C' category vehicles in past operations. The Health Insurance Board is set to revise service facility details and rates in the facility bag. Additionally, the Bagmati state government plans to upgrade 10 hospitals, and Bagmati province reports 1,253 individuals with autism. Kanti Children's Hospital will classify patients for emergency treatment, and Bardiya Hospital in Lumbini province is recognized as the best in implementing minimum service standards.


Report, Translated - English to Nepali



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