Disaster Risk Management Plan: Udaypur District


Nepal frequently experiences weather-related disasters like floods, landslides, and droughts due to its vulnerable socio-economic and geographical conditions, with marginalized communities suffering the most. To address this vulnerability, Nepal is transitioning its policies towards proactive disaster preparedness and mitigation. The approach emphasizes integrating disaster management with development, involving both top-down and bottom-up planning. Disaster Risk Management Plans are crucial and require collaboration between the government, the private sector, and civil society to leverage their respective strengths. The National Strategy for Disaster Risk Management aligns with the International Hyogo Framework of Action and aims to incorporate disaster risk management into Nepal's development. The Disaster Risk Management Plan focuses on assessing district-level risks, vulnerabilities, and institutional capacities, facilitating strategic activities at the local level, such as in Udaypur district.


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District Level


Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Government of Nepal

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