Provincial Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction and Management Action Plan 2020-2030 (वपद् तथा जलवायुजन्य जोखिम न्यूनीकरण र व्यवस्थापन कार्ययोजना)


The action plan provides a structured overview of the disaster management plan for Madhesh, emphasizing preparedness, response, and resilience-building measures. It outlines strategies to address a range of natural and non-natural disasters, including flooding, fire, drought, earthquakes, epidemics, and animal-related threats. The plan aims to enhance understanding of disaster risks through assessment and coordination among agencies. It prioritizes the refinement of disaster management systems at both provincial and local levels, including the establishment of institutional structures and legal frameworks. Additionally, the plan underscores the importance of private data-based risk information to improve resilience, advocating for increased investment in disaster risk reduction. It also highlights the significance of effective disaster response and preparedness, emphasizing early warning systems, search and rescue operations, and recovery efforts. Financial arrangements for plan implementation and mechanisms for monitoring, review, and revision are also addressed to ensure the plan's effectiveness in safeguarding lives, property, and livelihoods in Madhesh Province. 


Legal Document


Madhesh Province

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