Nine Minimum Characteristics of a Disaster Resilient Community in Nepal


The Nine Minimum Characteristics of a Disaster Resilient Community in Nepal, outline essential criteria for strengthening community resilience against disasters. The framework, under Flagship 4 of the CBDRM Coordination Mechanism, emphasizes the establishment of functional local organizational bases that prioritize protection, social inclusion, and community participation. It also advocates for accessible disaster risk reduction (DRR) information through partnerships spanning local to national levels and calls for systematic multi-hazard risk assessments linked to monitoring systems. The paper highlighted that the Communities should have prepared response teams, regularly updated DRR management plans, and access to community-managed resources and funds for DRR initiatives. Additionally, the framework prioritized the need for local risk reduction measures and inclusive early warning systems integrated at all administrative levels. Hence the comprehensive approach, supported by ongoing consultation and information platforms, aims to ensure communities are equipped to effectively manage and mitigate disaster risks.



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