Possible Cold Wave and Snow Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Guidance, 2077 (सम्भावित शीतलहर तथा हिमपात विपद् जोखिम न्यूनीकरण तथा प्रतिकार्य मग्दर्शन, २०७७)


Nepal faces significant impacts from cold waves and snowfall each year, with 116 deaths from cold waves and 12 from avalanches in the past decade. A severe snowstorm on October 28, 2071 (Nepali calendar), resulted in 43 deaths and 400 rescues in the Himalayan region. Floods and landslides during the monsoon have left many families homeless, posing additional risks for vulnerable groups during winter. In this regard, this guideline provides an overview of strategies for addressing heat and cold waves. It incorporates the existing policies, and guidelines for the preparedness and mitigation of those waves. 


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