Province Disaster Management Policy 2076 And Province Disaster Management Strategic Action Plan 2076-2087


The "State Disaster Management Policy 2076 and State Disaster Management Strategic Action Plan 2076-2087" for Bagmati Province, formulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Law, offers a comprehensive framework to enhance disaster resilience through long-term strategic planning. Its primary aim is to protect lives and property by reducing disaster impacts and fostering a resilient community. The plan sets specific, measurable targets to improve disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. Objectives include enhancing risk assessment, raising community awareness, improving infrastructure resilience, and integrating disaster risk reduction into development planning. The strategy emphasizes risk assessment, capacity building, inclusive disaster management, and public-private partnerships, supported by clear policies and action plans. This document also highlights the necessity of effective implementation through coordinated efforts among government agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders. Mechanisms for continuous coordination, regular monitoring, and thorough evaluation are established to ensure the policy's effectiveness and adaptability. Overall, the strategic action plan for 2076-2087 aims to build a disaster-resilient Bagmati Province through systematic risk reduction, robust preparedness, and efficient emergency management practices.


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Bagmati Province

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