Disaster Risk Against Group Casualty Insurance Program Operation Procedure, 2080- Karnali Province (विपद जोखिम बिरुद्ध सामुहिकदुर्घटना बिमा कार्यक्रम संचालन कार्यविधि, २०८०)


The "Disaster Risk Against Group Casualty Insurance Program Operation Procedure, 2080" aims to provide relief for human losses resulting from natural disasters impacting Nepali citizens who are permanent residents and employed within Karnali Province. Authorized by the Karnali Province Appropriation Act, 2080, it defines terms and conditions, including eligibility criteria and insurance benefits of NPR 200,000. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Law is responsible for insurance agreements and premium payments, with certain exclusions for claims. The claim process, reporting timeframe, and awareness programs are outlined in the procedure to ensure efficient implementation and understanding of benefits. The procedure complies with existing laws, repealing the previous Disaster Risk Insurance Procedure, 2079, and establishing a monitoring committee for oversight. Overall, it offers structured support for disaster-affected citizens of Karnali Province.


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Karnali Province

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