Provincial Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction and Management Policy- Madesh Province (विपद तथा जलवाय जन्य जोखिम न्यूनीकरण र व्यवस्थापन प्रादेशिक नीति)


The "Provincial Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction and Management Policy" report by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Law, Madesh Province, examines the current disaster and climate risk landscape and proposes a strategic framework for managing these risks. It also incorporates a background and specific risk analyses of hazards like floods, droughts, fires, and cold waves. The report outlines a long-term vision, goals, objectives, and policies, emphasizing resilience through detailed strategies and conceptual approaches. It focuses on policy implementation, coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and periodic review to ensure adaptability to new challenges. This comprehensive framework aims to build resilience, reduce vulnerabilities, and enhance the province's capacity to effectively manage disaster and climate risks. 


Legal Document


Madhesh Province

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