The Approaching Great Nepal Earthquake: 20_ _, Need for an Earthquake Early Warning System for DRR


This presentation incorporates the outcomes of a comprehensive 35-year study encompassing geological, geodetic, and seismic analyses, leading to the anticipation of a significant earthquake with a magnitude exceeding 8 in the future (distinct from the Gorkha Earthquake). Over a decade, both the government and the public were extensively cautioned about the impending seismic event, facilitating widespread awareness campaigns and earthquake preparedness initiatives. This proactive approach proved invaluable during the 2015 earthquake, as meticulously organized rescue and relief operations were seamlessly executed. Credit is given to Nepal's Army, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Police for their instrumental roles. Notably, Nepal achieved a remarkable feat by completing reconstruction efforts within a mere seven years, underscoring the success of the country's preparedness and recovery strategies.




Dr. Bishal Nath Upreti

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