Province Level Disaster Risk Reduction Interaction Program, Bagmati Province (प्रदेशस्तरीय विपद् जोखिम न्यूनीकरण सम्बन्धी अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रम, बागमती प्रदेश)


The presentation by Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa outlines the operational focus areas of DPNet, emphasizing key pillars such as policy advocacy, knowledge management, capacity building, and coordination/networking. Insights into various publications and a graphical representation of integrated disaster incidents are provided. Major disasters in 2079 B.S. are categorized, and a detailed list of relevant policy provisions, including legislative documents and Acts, is presented. The September 5, 2023 discussion focuses on defining provincial roles, collaborative training, government-private sector cooperation, and local resource mobilization. Mr. Thapa also highlights the historical context of NPDRR formation in Nepal and advocates for PPDRR in Bagmati Province, guided by UN directives.




DPNet Nepal

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