SUDRIDH Project: Learning from Program Execution


This presentation shared by Mr. Kshitiz Paudel provides key insights from the SUDRIDH Project, emphasizing the importance of addressing gaps in EWS accessibility among marginalized groups. He highlighted the significance of private sector engagement in DRR, outlining DPNet's collaborative plans and initiatives like Member Engagement and Business Continuity Plans. Challenges and progress in Market System Resilience, risk transfer and financing, and multi-level disaster risk governance were discussed, underscoring the essential role of non-governmental organizations, civil society, and the private sector in effective DRR practices. Insights from events in Bagmati, Lumbini, and Karnali provinces emphasized the need for comprehensive governance, sustainable disaster resilience, community engagement, and integrated development efforts. Mr. Paudel stressed the importance of effective collaboration between government and non-government sectors and recommended strategies for capacity building, reconstruction planning, and addressing challenges faced by provincial governments.

On the later half of the presentation, Ms. Sujata Chhetri provided a financial overview, detailing the budget allocation and expenditure breakdown for various project activities, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial management.




DPNet Nepal

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