Nepal Flood 2017 Wake up Call for Effective Preparedness and Response


The report focuses on the flood risk in Nepal, emphasizing the significant impact of regular flooding, particularly during the monsoon season. Historical data reveals a substantial toll on life, property, and livelihoods. The study delves into the disaster management landscape during the 2017 floods, examining risk reduction, preparedness, response, and recovery. Notable flood events, like the 1993 floods and the 2008 Koshi embankment breach, are highlighted. The report centers on four river basins with early warning systems and NGO interventions. It acknowledges potential variations in impact where such systems are absent. Sections cover flood scenarios, socio-economic aspects, preparedness levels, and a detailed review of the 2017 flood event, including early warnings, damages, and response measures. The report concludes with insights, lessons learned, and future action points for reducing flood risks in Nepal.


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