Jajarkot Earthquake : Quad-Day Situation Report (5-8 Dec)


This report covers several critical issues facing the earthquake affected districts following a devastating earthquake. Firstly, it details the plight of 17-year-old children living with mental health issues exacerbated by the earthquake. Hemraj, isolated in a narrow metal-sheet shelter due to his aggressive behavior following a childhood illness, represents the struggles of families dealing with mental health challenges in disaster zones. His family, who lives next door in a tarpaulin shelter, has spent substantial resources on his care, impacting their ability to work and maintain their livelihood. The report also highlights the widespread housing crisis in the earthquake-hit area. A significant number of residents, including vulnerable groups like children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, the elderly, and those with health issues, are living in inadequate temporary shelters. Despite government promises of financial support for housing construction, delays in fund distribution have left many without proper shelter, and the lack of materials has further intensified the issue.
Addressing the issue of data management in disaster relief, DPNet has initiated discussions to streamline the data collection process. The current system, characterized by a multitude of different data collection forms from various entities, leads to inefficiency and fatigue among humanitarian partners. Key stakeholders are advocating for a unified data collection format to improve the coordination and efficiency of aid distribution.
Furthermore, the report discusses ongoing efforts to build temporary shelters in Jajarkot and Rukum West. Local leaders, volunteers, and organizations are actively engaged in constructing shelters, and innovative approaches like the use of model houses are being employed to encourage effective building practices using local materials. These efforts are critical in providing immediate relief to those affected by the earthquake, as exemplified by the case of Dilip Shahi from Barekot-7, who lost his home in the disaster and is now receiving volunteer support to build a shelter.


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