National Adaptation Plan (NAP), 2021-2050


The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) of Nepal, aligned with the National Climate Change Policy (2019), outlines priority programs across nine thematic sectors to address climate vulnerabilities and risks in the short, medium, and long term (2025, 2030, and 2050). The implementation involves various institutions, including the Environmental Protection and Climate Change Management National Council, Inter-Ministerial Climate Change Coordination Committee, and others. The Ministry of Forests and Environment (MoFE) is responsible for overseeing NAP implementation, with a five-year review cycle. The NAP, doubling as the adaptation communication instrument, will be updated in 2031, considering changes in the country's economy, development, policies, and climate-related factors. The plan includes 64 priority programs, with a total budget of USD 47.4 billion until 2050, requiring USD 2.1 billion annually for medium-term adaptation services. The government will contribute USD 1.5 billion, and external support of USD 45.9 billion is sought for full implementation. Institutional arrangements, monitoring, review frameworks, and financial strategies are integral components of the NAP.


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