Jajarkot Earthquake : Quad-Day Situation Report (1-4 Dec)


This quad-day report covers the ongoing situation in the earthquake-affected areas where over 40,000 individuals are battling severe cold with temperatures dropping below 1 degree Celsius. Many families, particularly vulnerable groups like pregnant women, new mothers, and the chronically ill, are struggling to survive in inadequate tarpaulin shelters. The situation is aggravated by snowfall and inadequate healthcare facilities, forcing hospitals to operate under tarpaulins. Local authorities recognize the gravity of the situation, which has led to numerous deaths due to the cold, emphasizing the need for better shelter, clothing, and medical aid.
The distribution of funds for constructing temporary shelters has begun, with Jajarkot's District Disaster Management Fund releasing the first installment to over 3,300 beneficiaries in Shivalaya Rural Municipality. Challenges such as verifying beneficiary details and logistical difficulties in transporting relief materials are being addressed. Efforts are also being made to ensure proper utilization of funds, especially for those who are truly in need. Additionally, the harsh weather conditions are creating significant hurdles for relief efforts, including the transportation of supplies to remote areas.
Children in the affected areas are facing immense challenges, with cases like 8-year-old Rabina BK, the sole survivor in her family, highlighting the need for psychological support and basic necessities. Meanwhile, volunteer efforts continue in regions like Bheri Municipality, where the focus is on debris removal and shelter construction despite the lack of materials and freezing conditions. The report underscores the critical need for continued support and coordinated relief efforts across these regions.


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