Strengthening Community Preparedness, Rapid Response and Recovery Programme in Asia-Nepal Project Presentation


The presentation provides a brief on the project “Strengthening Community Preparedness, Rapid Response, and Recovery Program in Asia-Nepal Project (SCOPR3)” which focuses on resilience, climate justice, and co-led efforts to enhance disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. Through collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including women, youth, and the private sector, the project establishes local structures for effective crisis response, aiming to empower vulnerable households with skills and resources for economic stabilization before and after disasters. Achieving outcomes like Capacity Sharing, Asset Protection, and learning and sharing, the project addresses gaps in national endorsement of guidelines, conducts anticipatory actions such as livestock insurance, and demonstrates advancements through evidence-based investments. The application of feminist principles in Local Humanitarian Leadership proves crucial, emphasizing power balance, and the project highlights the need for a balanced mix of approaches for success. The project’s flexibility, alignment with government priorities, and cost-effective implementation contribute to its overall success.





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