Finding Sharing on Research Scoping Study on Anticipatory Actions in Nepal


The presentation highlights the increasing focus on Anticipatory Action (AA) in Nepal's disaster management, with OXFAM expressing interest in collaborating on AA initiatives. The 2023 Scoping Study delved into AA, analyzing federal policies, such as the National Policy for DRR, 2018, emphasizing Forecast-Based Preparedness and Response Plans. The National DRR Strategic Action Plan, 2018-2030, prioritized multi-hazard early warning systems and integrated Forecast-Based Financing. Challenges included policy and legal gaps in cash assistance and AA, with recommendations urging the federal government to develop clear guidelines and recognize AA formally. Local governments were advised to enhance community-based Early Warning Systems and collaborate on AA. Development partners were encouraged to advocate for policy changes, contribute to early warning systems, and align strategies with local governments. The presentation underscored the importance of blending indigenous knowledge with modern science for effective AA and disaster management in Nepal.




Mr. Ram Gurung

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