Jajarkot Earthquake : Quad-Day Situation Report (11-14 Nov)


This Quad-Day Situation Analysis Report highlights the challenges and responses following the earthquakes in Jajarkot and Rukum West. The aftermath of the quakes has left many survivors in dire health and shelter conditions, with several having to undergo cold nights in poorly constructed makeshift shelters. The Health Service Office Jajarkot reports multiple deaths due to cold and a rise in cold-related illnesses, exacerbated by the damage to water supply. In response, the government has allocated 3 billion rupees for temporary housing and endorsed procedures for construction grants. Local initiatives have also begun for constructing earthquake-proof model houses, emphasizing community participation in rebuilding.

Despite the ongoing Tihar festival, local representatives are dedicated to relief and rescue operations. Their commitment highlights the severity of the situation and the urgent need to aid their communities. Meanwhile, the distribution of relief materials faces logistical challenges, particularly in reaching unregistered tenants. Humanitarian agencies are working closely with district administrative offices and municipalities to address these gaps. The emotional and psychological impacts of the disaster are profound, prompting the setup of psycho-social recovery programs, child-friendly spaces, and women-friendly spaces, especially for vulnerable groups like children, women, and the elderly.


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