Jajarkot Earthquake: Situation Analysis Report, 07


This report highlights the challenging conditions in Jajarkot District following an earthquake, with worsening weather exacerbating the plight of residents. Rains and snowfall have made life difficult for people living in makeshift shelters, leading to a need for warm clothing and reliable shelter. Quality concerns in relief distribution have emerged, as exemplified by Gyanu Lamichhane's dissatisfaction with the substandard foods item she received. Sirpachaur Village, at an altitude of 2200 meters, faces similar challenges with most homes damaged and residents suffering from cold, lack of nutritious food, and health issues like pneumonia and PTSD. The situation is critical, with immediate need for better shelter and aid.

In response, the DAO Jajarkot has been actively providing financial assistance and relief materials to the affected families. Despite logistical challenges, significant efforts have been made to distribute essential items like blankets, tents, mattresses, and food. Additionally, the installation of a seismometer in Barikot Municipality-2 by the National Earthquake Monitoring and Research Center will enhance earthquake monitoring and preparedness. The report underscores the resilience of the affected people and the authorities' commitment to relief and recovery in the face of natural disasters.


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