Jajarkot Earthquake: Situation Analysis Report, 04


This situation analysis report highlights the impact of the recent earthquake, detailing the immediate and ongoing relief efforts, as well as the challenges faced by the affected communities. Some Local Governments like Bheri Municipality have initiated a Cash Voucher Assistance (CVA) in Bheri Municipality to assist those impacted, focusing on the purchase of essential cooking utensils. The government has been implementing a one-door policy to streamline relief distribution and prevent misuse of resources. Market functionality remains stable in Khalanga, Jajarkot, with a steady flow of daily consumables, and relief distribution has been strengthen by aid agencies including the provision of medical supplies, tents, and blankets. The report also highlights the significant damage to the livelihoods of the people, affecting cattle farming, agriculture, and beekeeping, which are primary sources of income in the region. President Ram Chandra Paudel visited the affected districts to oversee relief efforts, emphasizing the government's commitment to aiding the impacted areas. Educational infrastructure has suffered immense damage, with hundreds of school buildings and classrooms destroyed, and a high child casualty rate has been reported, reflecting the vulnerability of children in disaster scenarios.


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