Local Disaster and Climate Resilience Plan, LDCRP 2021 (स्थानीय विपद् तथा जलवायु उत्थानशील योजना, २०७८)


This document is a comprehensive framework that guides local efforts in Nepal to enhance disaster and climate resilience, emphasizing community engagement and preparedness. It outlines a plan for enhancing disaster preparedness and climate resilience at the local level in Nepal. It aims to address the impact of disasters and climate change on communities and provide strategies for mitigating these effects. The LDCRP 2021 includes measures for disaster risk reduction, early warning systems, emergency response, and long-term resilience building. The plan is designed to help communities, local governments, and stakeholders collaborate to create a more resilient environment, better equipped to handle disasters and adapt to the changing climate. It shapes specific actions, guidelines, and strategies to achieve these goals, emphasizing the importance of community participation and empowerment.


Legal Document


Local Level, Action Plan


Raptisonari Rural Municipality

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