Jajarkot Earthquake: Situation Analysis Report, 01


This Daily Situation Report provides a detailed account of the aftermath of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the Jajarkot and Rukum districts in Nepal. The devastating quake led to 157 fatalities and 170 injuries across multiple districts. The most severely affected areas were Jajarkot, with 105 deaths and 81 injuries, and Rukum Paschim, with 52 deaths and 78 injuries. The earthquake and its 159 recorded aftershocks caused significant damage to infrastructure, including residential buildings, educational institutions, health service centers, and administrative structures. In the face of this disaster, security forces and medical teams were promptly deployed for rescue and relief operations, despite challenges like shortages of oxygen and hospital beds, especially at the epicenter.
The government's response has been swift and multifaceted, with Prime Minister personally visiting the affected areas and overseeing the operations. A financial relief package of Rs 100 million was released to support search and rescue efforts, with the Prime Minister and other key officials facilitating the provision of medical and logistical support. Moreover, various provinces and organizations have pledged financial assistance and other forms of aid. DPNet, in collaboration with Mercy Corps Nepal, is committed to providing daily situation reports for the initial week followed by weekly updates.


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