Jajarkot Earthquake Presentation by DPNet


The presentation talks about an earthquake in Jajarkot, Nepal that occurred on the 3rd of November 2023 which registered over 4 on the Richter scale and was compared to the intensity of the 2015 earthquake in Kathmandu. It highlights concerns about the accuracy of information dissemination and the need to mobilize a dedicated team for improvement. The poor quality of construction materials, negligence towards seismic preparedness in western Nepal, and the importance of minimizing future risks were also emphasized. The presentation mentions the deployment of three helicopters for rescue, the collapse of most houses, the need for mass casualty vehicles, and the mobilization of security forces for assistance. It underscores ongoing treatment of casualties in helicopters, international interest and support, the importance of avoiding duplication of efforts, and efficient resource utilization. Additionally, it mentions the deployment of a dedicated team by DPNet to assess the situation and prepare comprehensive reports for better-informed decision-making and response efforts.


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