Assessment Report: “Development of Landscape Approach for Climate and Disaster Vulnerability in Doda Watershed”


This study identifies the barriers and opportunities in transboundary disaster governance and contributes to improving efficient coordination between upstream and downstream communities across the local municipalities and improving their resilience and adaptation practices. This analysis report has identified key recommendations aimed at enhancing transboundary disaster risk management governance at the local government level. Multi-stakeholder dialogue platforms have been established to foster local actors’ ownership in the integrated local development planning process and to institutionalize communication mechanisms among various local administrative units. Data and information, accompanied by recommendations for land use planning, have been provided to the concerned local municipalities and provincial ministries, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, Infrastructure, Forest and Environment, Land Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives. Moreover, recommendations for local government and other stakeholders have been formulated regarding suitable nature-based solutions to fortify flood resilience and enhance local adaptation practices.


Report, DPNet Publication


DPNet Nepal, Mercy Corps

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