Policy Brief: Financing Prevention and De-Risking Investment


This policy brief explores the challenges faced in financing disaster prevention and de-risking investment. The policy recommendations outlined in the brief call for a fundamental shift in perspective, moving away from short-term thinking and neglect of disaster risks towards a mandatory "Think Resilience" approach in all public and private sector investments. This shift includes mainstreaming disaster risk considerations into all investments, ensuring financial institutions align with the Sendai Framework, facilitating effective insurance mechanisms, and tracking prevention financing. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of conducting risk-sensitive budget reviews, utilizing risk and financial data, promoting blended financing, and integrating prevention measures into bonds. Furthermore, it advocates for the establishment of a robust infrastructure investment pipeline that prioritizes disaster and climate resilience. Lastly, the recommendations stress the significance of using COVID-19 stimulus packages as opportunities to bolster resilience-building efforts.


Report, Official Statement



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