IDDRR: Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future (उत्थानशील भविष्यका लागि असमानता विरुद्धको लडाइँ)


This presentation shared by Mr. Dhruba Bahadur Khadka, Spokesperson and Under Secretary at NDRRMA acknowledges the extraordinary challenges of 2023, marked by extreme weather events, record temperatures, and a rising number of global disasters, all impaired by poverty and inequality. The theme “Fighting inequality for a resilient future” underscores the importance of upholding global agreements like the Paris Agreement, pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals, and implementing the SFDRR to break the cycle of poverty and disaster. The presentation further points out the significant population living below the poverty line and highlights the prevalence of discrimination based on factors like caste, class, and gender, as well as individual and geographic disparities.

The document refers to the national demographic report, which reveals the vulnerable groups, with a particular focus on senior citizens, and identified regions like Kalikot with high levels of vulnerability. Furthermore, it discusses the Gender Equality, Disabilities, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) concept and elaborates on its ongoing efforts to develop an early warning system that caters to people with disabilities. It also mentions specific initiatives like the BIPAD portal and the VMS system, while stressing the commitment to addressing resource inequalities across the country.


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