Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) in Decision-Making in DRRM Policies in Nepal


Disasters do not differentiate but the impact of disasters does. The impact of disaster does not only depend upon its nature but also on the economic, social, and cultural factors. Not every member of society is affected in the same way. Women, persons with disabilities, gender minorities, the LGBTIQ community, and other excluded groups are considered vulnerable by the Constitution of Nepal, 2015. Vulnerable people are disproportionately by disasters. But their role in decision-making is crucial. The government of Nepal has formed various acts, policies, and strategies for Disaster Risk Management. GESI provisions in decision-making are identified in some of them. This document is a proceeding of the IOE graduate conference that reviews the government’s efforts for GESI in DRRM policy decision-making in Nepal.


Report, Conference Paper, GEDSI



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