Situation Report of Bajhang Earthquake, 07


This document is a situation Analysis Report, 07 that encompasses crucial updates from Bajhang following the earthquake that occurred on the 4th of October, 2023, following aftershocks and other associated events. Bal Bikash Secondary School with 290 students, suffered significant infrastructural damage. They're appealing for assistance to set up Temporary Learning Centers, while helpless people remain without aid after her home's devastation. Adding to the sorrow of the community, a family mourns the tragic loss of their son, during an attack by Hamas in Israel. Simultaneously, the local government has concluded its initial damage assessment in Bajhang, indicating thousands of affected structures, but a thorough verification of this data remains a priority.

In terms of challenges, the findings indicate potential inconsistencies in damage data, necessitating independent verifications. There's also a call for tailored relief efforts, focusing on immediate requirements like warm clothing for the winter, while addressing the broader need for structural reconstruction with trained masons and building codes.


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