Disability Friendly Earthquake Preparedness and Response (अपाङ्गता मैत्री भुकम्पिय पूर्वतयारी तथा प्रतिकार्य)


People with disabilities need personalized and tailored plans according to their specific requirements. Collaborative efforts are necessary to integrate them into mainstream activities. Plans created by individuals without disabilities might not cater to their needs appropriately. Hence, there is a crucial need for the involvement of individuals with disabilities in the planning process. Ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities is of paramount importance. Including individuals with disabilities in the process of planning and implementing measures is essential for achieving inclusivity and accommodating their unique needs. Organizations working with individuals with disabilities play a significant role in advocating for disability-friendly measures and promoting collaboration between disabled and non-disabled individuals.

This preparedness and response plan has been prepared and published by the Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Department Nepal to ensure inclusive disaster management mainstreaming the marginalized and vulnerable groups of people.


Hand Book, GEDSI



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