Minimum Standard for Market Analysis (MISMA) (आपतकालीन अवस्थामा बजार विश्लेषणको लागि न्यूनतम आवश्यकताहरु)


The aim of this Nepali-translated version of the Minimum Standard for Market Analysis (MISMA) is to provide guidance for humanitarian practitioners across various sectors, ensuring that the essential criteria for market analysis are met regardless of the specific tools employed. By promoting high-quality market analysis, MISMA aims to contribute to the enhancement of response analysis and program implementation. It outlines five crucial actions to guarantee the quality of market analysis. It is important to note that MISMA is a specialized standard focused on market analysis and does not comprehensively address response analysis, design, and implementation. For those aspects, users should refer to other humanitarian standards. While this document offers practical steps and guidance regarding what needs to be accomplished, it is not a detailed instructional tool and does not provide a step-by-step process for conducting market assessments and analysis.


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