Nepal Scoping Study Report: Towards Resilient Communities


The report summarizes existing literature and highlights findings from a series of consultations with agencies working in disaster risk reduction and management in the country. These consultations found that despite significant progress in legislation and institutional arrangements for preparedness and risk reduction, there are still gaps in effective implementations of endorsed legislation, coordination among agencies, and resources (human, technical, and financial). The study highlights the need to capacitate government officials working at the local and national levels by enhancing understanding and knowledge of shifting patterns of hazards and their effective management techniques.

Similarly, the study also pinpoints the need for advanced training in search and rescue operations for key responders. The study concludes by highlighting the importance of coordination with academic and research institutions to project future scenarios of hazards for better management, indicating a need for national-level research and training programs and initiatives dedicated to disaster management




Ganesh Dhungana, Hannah Stoddard, Vincenzo Bollettino


Harvard University

Published Year: