Displaced and Landless: An Unabated Ordeal of Disaster Survivors


This report published by ActionAid focuses on the plight of individuals who were displaced by two major disasters, namely the 2014 flash floods and the 2015 earthquake. Many of these displaced families continue to endure substandard and undignified living conditions, even years after the disasters occurred. The prolonged displacement has had severe health and social consequences, particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as women, children, the elderly, and disabled individuals. The amenities and services available in the displacement settlements are insufficient to cater to the special needs of these populations. Furthermore, the government's efforts to resettle the displaced families have been slow and grossly inadequate, primarily emphasizing providing land for housing rather than addressing the survivors' livelihoods. Additionally, there is a lack of consistency in the resettlement grants provided to families displaced by different disasters, despite experiencing similar types and scales of losses as per the report.




ActionAid Nepal & Prakriti Resources Centre

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