Community-Led Reconstruction Programme (CLRP)


This brochure gives a brief on CLRP, Build Back Better conducted by ActionAid Nepal post-2015 Earthquake to build resilience. The Community Led Reconstruction Programme (CLRP) was launched in November 2015 which placed the affected communities at the forefront of decision-making processes regarding social transformation, human rights, and interactions with the government. Its goal was to create a reconstruction effort that went beyond mere infrastructure rebuilding by empowering individuals and enhancing society as a whole.

The program successfully provided crucial infrastructure support, including schools and health institutions, while simultaneously empowering individuals and alleviating poverty through livelihood support initiatives. It also played a significant role in reshaping power dynamics within communities and had a tangible impact on influencing government policies related to land rights and fair wages. Overall, CLRP aimed not only to improve sustainable livelihoods but also to enhance the resilience of the communities affected by disasters.


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ActionAid Nepal

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