Non-Governmental Stakeholders Engagement on DRRM


Mr. Bamshi Kumar Acharya during his sharing discussed the vital role of Non-Governmental Organizations. He highlighted three key perspectives: the government's involvement in decision-making, NGOs' focus on field-level practices, and the importance of co-working between these entities. He stressed the need for coordination, collaboration, and active engagement of NGOs for effective disaster management. Mr. Acharya also mentioned various provisions, policies, regulations, and frameworks at federal and local levels to engage NGOs in DRRM.

He identified four major challenges: limited provisions and policies, insufficient representation of NGOs in decision-making bodies, role ambiguity among stakeholders, and behavioral barriers to collaboration. To move forward, he emphasized the development of a clear policy framework, fostering partnerships with academia, media, and community organizations, and implementing a robust system for situation tracking and feedback collection. These steps aim to enhance coordination between government, NGOs, and the private sector, ultimately strengthening DRRM efforts for efficient governance, disaster response, and community resilience.




Mr. Bamshi Kumar Acharya

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