Loss and Damage Response: Key Conceptual and Policy Issues


This presentation on the Key conceptual and policy issues in the Loss and Damage response integrates the Background on the Strengthening Loss and Damage Response Capacity in the Global South (STRENGTH), a bird’s eye view of Loss and Damage, findings from the IPCC WG II to back Loss and Damage, Global Policy Context with examples of the Paris Agreement, and the areas of cooperation. The presentation further talks about the shifting perspectives on the sources of Financing, issues with the current climate finance delivery mechanisms, ways of tackling climate losses and damages in an equitable way, and the state of the Transitional Committee.

Moreover, the presentation gives an overview of the National Framework on Climate Change-Induced Loss and Damage, and Nepal’s priorities for Loss and Damage such as contextualizing global discourses, taking stock of Loss and Damage, developing delivery systems, and the critical analysis, participatory process and action research for policy and institutional development.




Institute for Study and Development Worldwide (IFSD)

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